Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After Helen Flanagan's appearance transformation In Coronation Street she spoke about the dramatic change of Rosie Webster.

Helen said in late 2007:

"About three months ago Rosie suddenly became aware that she had a woman's body and wanted to dress sexily.Wearing a really, really short skirt and a really, really low top with a push-up bra does get me into character. But to be honest, I dress a bit like that anyway."
As Helen has said she was happy showing off her cleavage and legs, in Corrie, as this the way she dressed in real life.

"Girls do dress quite sexily. It's not to get attention from men - it just makes you feel good.

If you dress sexy, you feel sexy. I'm really quite comfortable with my body and I'm happy to flaunt it. Why not?"


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